Lincoln, NE – While it’s advisable to have teeth checked at least twice a year, many people neglect their oral health unless they develop chronic pain or discomfort that affects their lives. During a dentist’s visit, they may refer the patient to an orthodontist to restore their smile/appearance by fixing bite and jaw irregularities. Orthodontic treatment is complex as it involves changing soft tissue, facial bones, and jaw bones. Schoettger Orthodontics has mastered the intricacies of the field to help individuals in Lincoln develop beautiful and healthy smiles. 

Since its inception 40 years ago, Dr. Bob Schoettger and his team have restructured the foundations of patients’ faces and mouths, allowing them to live uninhibited without speech, bite, or chewing problems. The clinic boasts an open bay clinic with abundant natural light, a spacious foyer area, comfortable amenities, televisions, and Wi-Fi access. Patients have well-rounded treatment approaches, more appointment times, and a welcoming atmosphere that fosters long-term relationships. 

Invisalign treatment is an invisible way of getting a bright smile. In the hands of the orthodontist Lincoln, patients can change the movement of individual teeth to the correct position. The orthodontists have extensive experience detailing smiles and have prescribed many treatment plans with Invisalign clear aligners. With the clinic’s Invisalign app, patients can track their aligner wear time, take progress pictures, and use care information to maintain their oral health. Patients can also take out their Invisalign for a couple of hours daily to clean. 

Schoettger Orthodontics is one of the few SureSmile digital braces providers in Lincoln that shorten treatment time and make braces treatments more precise. At the clinic, patients pick their colors, whether ceramic, stainless steel, or new champagne finish, depending on their preferences, lifestyles, or styles. 

Being an iTero digital practice, the Lincoln orthodontist has scanners to send accurate computer models to begin Invisalign treatment or SureSmile braces. They also build retainers and jaw appliances in-house, so the orthodontists control the fit and timing of early intervention tools. With an in-house lab, there are no gooey impressions. Instead, the results are precise to show the areas of most contact in a bite, allowing the team to monitor wear on the teeth or depict the appearance of natural teeth after the treatment plan ends. 

To get a bright smile at Schoettger Orthodontics, a patient needs to schedule a free consultation in-person or virtually, where the orthodontist learns about their oral health goals or dental problems. During the consultation, the orthodontist guides the patient on whether to choose Invisalign or braces before performing a free digital scan. Once the patient picks their payment plans, the team makes a smile experience fun and easy.

Additionally, Schoettger Orthodontics supports schools, local businesses, and non-profit organizations through donations. To learn more about the clinic, visit their website or call (402) 423-8000 to request a free consultation. They’re located at 8000 South 13th Street, Lincoln, NE, 68512, US.

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By Arlene Huff

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