Amsterdam World Film Festival 10-th additional session October 29-30th, 2022 at Amsterdam Villa Arena was held.

24 Top films were selected and nominated for awards at the festival. A special children’s section was opened for 2 days, where children with their parents could watch the best children’s films specially selected for this festival. All the presentation and screening passed for free:  


Alex Barton (Filmmaker) 

The idea to screen good films for the children is very great itself. As of right now there are not so many useful films and programs for children in the world. The Amsterdam World Film Festival has screened quite a lot of films for our children this time and that’s a very big deal. 

Anna Terner (User)

It was amazing to see our children with their parents watching so many interesting international movies, which aim to raise the children’s cultural level and develop their brains. 

Jacky Wong (Father of his children)

It was a very interesting program and film show this time. Thanks a lot to the organizers of this festival.  

Comment to the reviews: Thank you for all your reviews. Finding age-appropriate, high-quality movies from other countries, especially to watch with younger children, can be a big challenge. Action and story lines may differ drastically, and dubbing or subtitles offer a distinct viewing experience. Content is generally edgier than American audiences are used to and certainly that U.S. schools would be comfortable screening.

Amsterdam World Film Festival is planning to pass with its international program in other regions and countries of the world now. In fact there are not so many good films for children which really are useful to them and can bring something great. In our world of destruction it’s harder and harder to find something interesting and positive for children. The aim and the mission of our festival is to develop in this direction and serve the human beans with the highest cultural level of the top film industry films and works. The festival supports the works of the youngest generation and all the submissions can be made through the biggest world festival and film submission platform:  

We will be very glad to find new business partners in this area who can help us with screening the films at the different international locations including USA and Canada.

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